5 ecological habits for families: simple daily gestures to improve our environment

ecological families

The other day we talked about a simple rule to help us become greener. The waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse and recycle. It is a subject that interests me a lot and I believe can be very useful for the majority of families… I am convinced that if we all encourage us to be more environmentally friendly families can end up changing how we care among all our environment and planet.

For those who know me, you know that when I start to investigate something, There is no stopping me… So I've been reading a lot to hear What habits of our daily lives we could change families to be greener.

But I am also delighted because I am not alone in this research. I count on the help of a new partner, my friend Mercedes Muñoz Cañas, which it is a biologist and environmentalist and will help us a lot in this way.

Today we will discuss the 5 aspects of our day to day family can begin to change if we want to be greener families.

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The waste hierarchy ecology: reduce, reuse and recycle

The three Rs of ecology

Every time we are more conscious about environmental care, true?. We learn more and talk more about it. Just this weekend chatting with friends taught me the waste hierarchy ecology. Did you know?

The three Rs of ecology are: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I think a very simple and easy rule to remember but it contains a very powerful message. I'm trying every day incorporate small gestures to look a little more environmentally. I'm not making big changes in my life but I'm interesting me more, learning and implementing small changes direction.

And I do not want one, I want to do family and teach my children to care for the planet is very important, it is necessary to use resources responsibly This waste hierarchy ecology I found great for that.

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Vegetable recipes for summer

vegetable recipes for summer

As we already know, Legume is a food rich in nutrients. And therefore very healthy and key to maintaining a balanced diet. Although there have been a time a little abandoned, They have returned to put in value and gradually we will increasingly including our menus.

What happens is that in winter it is easy, They crave long spoon warm dishes that we usually associate legumes. But in summer, still it costs us incorporate. That's why I decided to write this post to inspire some recipe ideas for summer vegetables.

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5 Practical tips for organizing the week

tips for organizing the week

We talked at the time of how to plan the week so we decided what tasks to do and where to put the energies. So we made sure to make things work in our priorities to help us achieve our goals and not be swayed by other people's agendas dynamic or.

Today I bring five additional tips, more practical, to organize the week so that we know to be efficient, do what we propose, and not primarily we have control of the times and not go on the run constantly.

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Make an appointment at the health center. Easy no, brainer!

make an appointment at the health center with this app

I love when technology really helps us everyday. Dommuss is precisely this philosophy. And I told you recently how easy that were now all procedures birth when we become parents (virtually everything can be done from home). Today I will tell how you can make appointments at the health center with our doctors of social security without calling, without waiting queues and when we need it. How? With an app, from our mobile.

I live in Madrid so obviously I only know the app as a user of this community. But I've been researching and I found that also exists in Aragon, Canary Islands, Estremadura, The Rioja, Murcia and Valencia. At the end of the post I leave the links.

I besides I register my, I discharged my two kiddies. In fact, as I said it is for them to use those most.

These winter months for me has been a great alidada because when children began with barking cough on Saturday demanded immediate time for Monday morning. Or if it seemed they were more or less well but suddenly they rose much fever at night, I was going to the app and although they were the 3:00 Early morning hours looking for the next day.

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