Conciliación y corresponsabilidad

It is very clear to me that work-life balance and family co-responsibility is a key aspect of our society if we are to continue to prosper. It’s also essential if we’re talking about family organization, so in this blog we’ve covered this topic at length. Dommuss is all about organization and perhaps the area that needs more organization is precisely this, that of reconciliation: taking care of and managing a family and a home while developing a professional activity outside the home. In this section you will find our most important articles on conciliation and co-responsibility.

The importance of work-life balance and co-responsibility as a key factor

conciliacion familiarFamily reconciliation

We begin this section by talking about the fact that personal and work-life balance should not be something individual, but something that should be tackled by the family. Conciliation is a family affair, each family is unique and must decide how to organize.


la conciliación es una necesidad para la familiaWork-life balance is a need for families

In this case you will find 3 reasons why today most families do not have the opportunity to decide whether to reconcile or not but that working and reconciling is a necessity.


la conciliación es fundamental para la sociedadWork-life balance is a need for society

But it is not only a need for families; reconciliation is also a need for society. Because families are basic to society.


corresponsabilidadFamily co-responsibility

Co-responsibility, I believe, is the key to conciliation. In this post we talk about why co-responsibility and methods of task sharing are so important. In this one we see when children can be involved in household chores.



conciliación en el mundoWork-life balance in the world

We want to know how it is reconciled in other countries. For now, we know in detail how it is reconciled in the Dominican Republic and France, do you know anyone who can talk to us about it? Please put him in touch with us.

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You know, with dommuss, get organized and enjoy!

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